Onlinesbh | SBH Online Login | SBH Net Banking Registration

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Onlinesbh | SBH Online Login | SBH Net Banking Registration :

Onlinesbh | SBH Online Login | SBH Net Banking Registration
Onlinesbh | SBH Online Login | SBH Net Banking Registration

Onlinesbh | SBH Online Login | SBH Net Banking Registration : SBH means State bank of the Hyderabad.SBH Online net banking that means State bank of the Hyderabad online net bankling.As today indian BJP Government is now Promoting Caseless and Digital india mission For the get rid of the black profit of the country.So its a very important point to the understand the process of the " How To Register SBH Net Banking online ".So after this you can easily Work Your bank work in Digital way.So here we provide some detail Information about the How you can Complete your SBH Net Banking Registration.

If you are the person which also has a online Net banking ID in SBH then you can check Your Portal anywhere, anytime access of SBH account through any device such as Mobile, Tab, Laptop, and Personal computer.You can use these all the feature with the help of the is the internet banking portal of State Bank of Hyderabad.Its simple process just search in google and then go to this site then login in your internet net banking id of your SBH bank.

If you dont have SBH Net Banking account then follow below step for the get SBH netbanking Facility.


Imortant Note :

If you want To use Online Net Banking in SBH then it is essential Things that you want bank account in the SBH.Without bank account in SBH you cant use its Net banking facility.

For complete your SBH Net banking process please Follow All the below step...

1)   First Take Care that If you want Net Banking in SBH then You have To bank account In the SBH.

2)   For the Start the Registration process for the SBH Net Banking process first Go for the Its Official Site  Here In Its Homepage You find Option for the New User Registration And then click on that link.

Onlinesbh | SBH Online Login | SBH Net Banking Registration

Important Note : Sometimes Bank are Already send the all the Net banking Kit to You.Then You don't need for the Registration process and only for the Log in Which log in detail is send To you by The bank.

3)  After This One alert Box is open Which look like below Then click on the Ok button then you will be redirected to a User Driven Registration form as shown in this Screen.

Onlinesbh | SBH Online Login | SBH Net Banking Registration

4)  After This One Form Is open.which is look like below

5)  After Then Put your Account No And CIF Number Which is Available in your own Passbook.

6)  Then Put Your Branch Code Which Is in the Your PAssbook.If you Dont have Branch Code Then Simply use branch Code According to your Location of branch and branch Name.

7)  Then select your Country And  fill country code And Put your Right Mobile No which is Registred With your Bank Account.

8)  Select Proper Internet Facility which you required Here some option are provided.Like Full or Limited Transaction Rights / View Rights.

9)  After ADD the Captcha Code And then Click on the submit button.

Onlinesbh | SBH Online Login | SBH Net Banking Registration

10)  After This Page You will be Redirected to the OTP page Where you need to enter your OTP ( One time Password ) Pin which you reveive in your mobile.after add OTP then click on the "Confirm" button.
Onlinesbh | SBH Online Login | SBH Net Banking Registration

After Last Option will displayed which say that if you have ATM card then you are able to activated Internet banking services instantly.But if you Dont have ATM card then Internet banking services will be activated by the branch.

Onlinesbh | SBH Online Login | SBH Net Banking Registration

Now you have Displayed temporary Note that temporary Username.

11)  After Next Step is create Your password.But take care that your password is 8 Characters long and it is also combination of the upper and lower case alphabets, and contains at least one number and one Special character.

12)  After Re-Enter the password for final confirm and then click on the submit button.

Onlinesbh | SBH Online Login | SBH Net Banking Registration

Now After This your all the registration process will be completed.Now After This you can log in your internet banking Account With help of your temporary username and password.

Onlinesbh | SBH Online Login | SBH Net Banking Registration

If you have any Confusion or log in problem in your SBM internet banking account then please comment below ......thanks 

If You want any quary then also check below video for the SBH netbanking Online

Disclaimer: This is not the official website of any of the Bank. This Website has been developed for information purpose only. We will not ask for any type of personal information like- Usernames and passwords, Social Security numbers, Bank account numbers, PINs (Personal Identification Numbers), Credit card numbers, Your mother’s maiden name, Your birthday. Please do not leave /share personal details in a comment.

For more Detail Follow This Offical Site : OnlineSbi

Electrical Power Transformer | Definition and Types of Transformer

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electrical transformer

Basic Definition of Transformer

Electrical Transformer is the Static electrical device. Electrical transformer is the static device which is used for the transforming the power from one electrical circuit to another electrical circuit without any change in the supply frequency. This is very basic and simple definition of the Electrical transformer.

Since in the electrical Transformer no any kind of rotating part so Transformer is the static device. Transformer is operate only on the AC supply. Transformer is not operate on DC supply because Transformer operate on the only on the principle of mutual induction.

electrical transformer

History of Transformer

 If we want to know History of transformer then you have to go back in the 1880s.You know that transformer is working on the principle of the mutual induction. These mutual induction principle was discover in the 1830.After then Time are passing and Transformer design was improved and also in resulting we get some more its efficiency and lesser size.

Now according to the requirement Day by day large capacity of transformer In Range of the several KVA and MVA are also became available.

Now then time are going and then in the 1950 , 400KV  electrical power transformer is also became the available.

After then in 1970 and 1980 some Of High class transformer of  1100 MVA  800 KV Rating also available.

Now Present time electrical power requirement is now very high soo large Rating large Size of Electrical transformer is also available.

Main important Application of transformer is that changing the voltage level. If generation of electrical power is as Low voltage level then these low voltage of power is transmitted to the load side. if transmitted Voltage is low then Transmission line current is became the soo much high value. then power loss of the transmission line are became the quote high.

So if transmission  line voltage is increasing by the step up transformer then line current value is became the low and according to the Ohmic loss formula I2R power loss of transmission is line is also became the low.

And also reduction in the Cross sectional area of the conductor. And then reduction in the Capital cost of the system An also improved the voltage regulation of the transmission line.

So low level of the power is improved by the step up transformer on the sending end of the transmission line.

But at the receiving side of the transmission line has need some low level of voltage so this is done by the help of the step down transformer.

Actually transformer are 2 types
1.Two winding ordinary transformer
2.Auto transformer

Transformer voltage Ratio or Turn Ration are define as below..

Transformer V.R = V2/V1  = N2/N1 = I1/I2 = K

Which transformer is used in the system is depend on the Its value of the transformer ratio..

two winding transformer is used in the system when the transformer V.R is greater than 2.When its transformer V.R is lesser than 2 then Auto transformer is used in the system.

Use of auto transformer in the system is more economical than two winding transformer.

If we compare Single unit of 3-Phase transformer with 3 single unit of 1-phase transformer then Single unit of 3 phase transformer is more efficient than Bank of three single phase transformers unit in the three phase system.

But transportation for the single three phase transformer unit has bit difficult.

These all the types of transformer is based on the purpose, use, construction etc.

1. Step Up Transformer and Step Down Transformer this transformer is used generally in the step up and step down of voltage level of power in transmission and distribution of power network.

2. Three Phase Transformer and Single Phase Transformer Generally in the power system 3 phase transformer is used as effective than other. but due to problem in transportation sometimes according to requirement 1 phase transformer is also used.

3. Electrical Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer Electrical power transformer is generally used for the transmission line for the stepping up and down of the voltage level. It used only on full load and it has maximum efficiency at near to full load. Distribution transformer is used at the distributor side for the step down the voltage level for the purpose of the domestic or commercial users. is used 24 Hours and it has maximum efficiency at the 50% of the full load.

4. Instrument TransformerIn instrument transformer include Both current transformer (C.T) and Potential transformer (P.T) Are both used for the measurement purpose.

5. Two Winding Transformer and Auto Transformer two winding transformer is used when its transformation ratio is more than 2 otherwise auto transformer is used. Auto transformer is more economical because its has only one winding which act as both primary and secondary.
6. Outdoor Transformer and Indoor Transformer transformer which is designed for the outdoor is called as the outdoor transformer and transformer which is designed for indoor is called as the indoor transformer.

7. Oil Cooled and Dry Type Transformer In the oil cooled transformer has oil has the cooling medium and in Dry type transformer Air is used as the cooling medium.

8. Core type, Shell type and Berry type transformer

Core Type transformer : In the core type of the transformer has two vertical limbs and two horizontal sections called as yoke provided. It has Rectangular shape core with common magnetic circuits. It has two cylindrical HV and LV coils which is provided on the two limbs.

electrical transformer

Shell Type Transformer : In Shell type of the transformer it has central inner limb and two outer limbs.Here both HV and LV winding are place on the central inner limb.It has double magnetic circuit.

electrical transformer

Berry Type Transformer : This is different type of the transformer which is look like spokes of the this type of transformer oil are filled in the inside of the tank and tightly fitted metal sheet tank is used for it.

Also some other type of transformer is also available which is based on the type of the winding is used inside the transformer core and Rating of the transformer , size and location of the transformer etc..

I hope you can properly understand what is the detail basic things of the Electrical Power Transformer | Definition and Types of Transformer. if you have further dough than ask without any hesitation.

More detail On click here : electrical transformer wikipedia

for more detail see below video..

                Source :

[Detail Guide ] Basic of electronic switching devices

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Electronics switching devices 

electronics switching devices

Today here we talk about the different electronics switching devices.You All know that control any electrical process or any other process we need some of the switching systems.

Here we talk electronics switches which is Solid state and easily control the electrical power.

It is also used in the electronics and electrical engineering which deals with the design, control, computation and integration of nonlinear, time-varying energy-processing electronic systems with fast dynamics.

Many time ago in Electronics device mercury arc valves are used. but today modern time in the electronics switch some of the Diodes , transistor, thyristors are used.

Mostly these type of switch used in the AC/DC converter (rectifier).most of all the these device are used in the electricity transmission and its control process.

You show that in above figure here in electronics curcuit diagram many of Diodes , Capacitor , Inductor , Resistor and other small element is used.

 Now If you ask where the used these type of electronics switches..then ans is not limited for criteria of the application.

Electronics switches are unsed in the consumer electronic devices, e.g. television sets, personal computersbattery chargers, etc.  these are all is commercial but many industrial and other application is also used..

IF you say that which type of switches is used in regular general perpose...then this all name is below..

  • electronic vibration switch
  • electronic level switch
  • electric switchgear
  • electronic switchboard
  • electronic switch
  • electronic float switch
  • electronic pressure switch
  • electronic dimmer switch
  • electronic light switch
  • electronic switching system
  • electronic ignition switch
  • electronic switching devices

Now if we talk about its power range then it is from ten to several hundred of watt.

In industrial drive application we all are know that the electrical motor speed is control by the both method one is use of the mechanical switch and other is used of the electronics swiches.

Simply every people say that what switching action is better for the control action.electronics is far better then that of the mechanical.

in electronics no need of the any mechanical body and also its frictionless process.

Here We talk about the some of the best electronics devices and its some basic informattion

Basic electronics devices


Description : Diode is one switching has some characteristics like Uni-polar, uncontrolled, switching device used in applications such as rectification and circuit directional current is reverse voltage blocking devices.

Ratings : It is a single silicon devices up to 3000 A and 5000 V.

2.Silicon controlled rectifier (SCR)

Description : this is the semiconductor switching devices.which is turn on when the gate pulse is apply.anode is positive with respect to the cathode terminal.Devices is became turn off when the its Anode is became Negative.

Ratings : It is single silicon device up to the 3000 A And 5000 v 


Description : Thyristor is the three terminal devices, in Thyristor include SCRs, GTOs, and MCT.these type of devices mostly gate pulse is responsible for the turn off and turn on condition.When these device is turn off then considered as the reverse voltage blocking devices.

4.GATE Turn off thyristor(GTO)

Description : some of semiconductor switching devices is turn on and off with the apply gate pulse but some time its need more GATE voltage for its turn off process.this turn off voltage is negative from gate to source.For this operation snubber circuit is required for the Turn off process.


Description : Triac is the devices in which pair of the phase controlled thyristors connected in inverse - parallel on the chip.when voltage pulse is present its work as turn on .many similarity in the triac and SCR.both when turn on then device cannot turn off.

6.Bipolar junction transistor (BJT)

Description : BJT is not use for the high power .compare to MOSFET it has more resistive losses.BJT have large base current so it has more is also unipolar device, so do not block reverse voltage very well.Mostly BJT is not used in the power electronics switching because it has more resistive losses.

Ratings : its has max rating around 1500 V and high current ratings.

7.Power MOSFET

Description : main advantages of Power mosfet as compared to BJT is almost zero gate current.MOSFET is the depletion layer devices.its GATE terminal not contribute any to either drain or source current.Its losses mostly attributed to the registers.its switching times s tens of the nanoseconds to some microseconds.if its losses are increased then its frequencies is also increase.MOSFET device is not Bidirectional devices also they are not reverse voltage blocking.

8.Insulated GATE Bipolar transistors (IGBT)

Description : these devices is has best characteristics then the MOSFET and BJT.its has mutual characteristics of both MOSFET and BJT.It has high GATE impedance like MOSFET has low GATE current like has low power loss of switching action like BJT.

 Ratings : it excess for the 1500 A and switching voltage is up to 3000 V

9.MOS controlled thyristor (MCT)

Description : It is thyristor devices which can became turn ON & OFF by the MOSFET GATE use MOS technology in which very little current is flow and very low control power signals is used.In this devices two MOSFET input and Pair of BJT is used in the output stage.Input side of the MOSFET is allow to use in control action during the positive and negative cycles.BJT is used for the Bidirectional control action.

10.integrated  gate commutated thyristor (IGCT)

Description : IGCT is similar devices like GTO.if you need quick switching action then the IGCT is the best.its output resistance is quite low and Don't waste of the power.

Ratings : it is work up to the 5000 V and 5000 A

Detail guide of fastest electronics switching device mosfet

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MOSFET As Switching devices ( MOSFET  tutorial )

fastest electronics switching device mosfet

Basic of the electronics switching device mosfet

what does mosfet mean ?

mosfet definition

let's started ,

Hi guys here we talk about the Detail guide of fastest electronics switching device mosfet.

You all are know that the MOSFET is the fastest switching devices.

Simply we called MOSFET in electronics Language then it is the metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor.

It has Some of the ability to the change conductivity by the amount of the applied voltage.

Mosfet is the four terminal devices.they are like Source(S) , Gate(G) , Drain (D) and Body (B) terminals.

If you check in the electrical circuit then only appears three terminals.

If you say that how the Mosfet is different from the other switching devices then Mosfet has required very less amount of the current for the turn on.(less than 1mA).

Now we talk about the enhancement mode then in this mode voltage drop across the oxide induces a conducting channel  between the source and drain.

In the market different type of the Mosfet is available just like n channel mosfet , mosfet transistor , q point mosfet  , mosfet diode , radioshack mosfet , current mirror mosfet , aws raptor mosfet , fairchild mosfet , renesas mosfet , vgs mosfet , super junction mosfet , miller effect mosfet , high voltage mosfet , mosfet relay , mosfet switch , high current mosfet ,onsemi mosfet , k3569 mosfet , irf mosfet , quad mosfet , gan mosfet , gate mosfet , p channel mosfet switch , n channel mosfet basics , st mosfet etc..

Insulated gate field effect transistor or IGFET is the related term with the MOSFET.

Composite Material

mosfet switch design
fastest electronics switching device mosfet

Now We Talk about the MOSFET composite material then  MOSFET is the Chemical composition of the silicon and germanium.

If you say why sillicon if we think then find many semiconductors with better electrical properties than silicon, like gallium arsenide but it has not form good semiconductor-to-insulator interfaces.

Gate is separated by the thin insulating material of silicon dioxide and later of silicon oxynitride.

Now most of the companies have started to introduce a high-κ dielectric + metal gate combination.


Symbol of MOSFET 

Two type of MOSFET device is available 

1) N channel MOSFET 

2) P Channel MOSFET

We talk about these both topic in detail ....

fastest electronics switching device mosfet

Working of MOSFET (MOSFET operation)

how does a mosfet work

fastest electronics switching device mosfet

Mosfet is very small integrated circuit device.Large scale integration is impossible without the MOSFET switching device.

You know that MOSFET has Four terminal device.They are like Gate ,Drain. Source , Base etc..

Its Drain And source terminal are connected to the heavily doped region..Its Gate terminal is connected to the top of the oxide layer and its Body terminal is connected to the intrinsic semiconductor.

In between the Drain and Source terminal inversion layer is create so current flow in this inversion layer is controlled by Gate voltage.Thus MOSFET is voltage controlled device.

Generally Two type of MOSFET device is available N channel And P channel MOSFET.

In N channel MOSFET Current is flow due to the electrons in inversion layer And in P channel layer current is flow due to the holes.

Another Charecteristics is like enhancement type and depletion type MOSFETs. 

In the Enhancement mode Turn off and On by apply the GATE voltage.opposition process is happen in the depletion type of MOSFET.

Working Principle of MOSFET

Working principle of MOSFET is depend on the MOS capacitor.main important part of the MOSFET is MOS capacitor.

Here apply Positive and Negative gate voltages respectively for the surface below the oxide layer and between the  drain and source terminal can converted in to the P-type and N-type.

When We apply the positive Gate voltage then the oxide layer experience the repulsive force and holes are the pushes downward.

Its depletion region is bounded by the negative changes.which is associated with acceptor atoms. 

Also the Positive voltage is attracts to the electron from the  N+ source and drain .

Now if we apply the voltage between the source and the drain  then the current is flow freely between the source and drain.

If we apply the negative voltage then the hole channel will be formed beneath the oxide layer. 

For the conduction of the current between source and drain  we need to controlling of the source to gate voltage.

When gate voltage is exceed to given level then conduction is started,

shown in below equation for the more detail guide..

  Here ,

UN = Mobility of electron
COX  = Capacitance of the oxide layer
W = Width of the gate area
L = Length of the channel
VGS = Gate to Source voltage
VTH  = Threshold voltage
VDS  = Drain to Source voltage.

For get some basic principle of MOSFET check below video tutorial

Two type of MOSFET device is available 

1) P channel MOSFET 

2) N Channel MOSFET

1) P channel MOSFET 

If P channel region in between Source and Gate then called is P channel MOSFET.P - MOSFET is four terminal device.they are like Gate , drain , Source and Body.

In this Four terminal Drain and source are heavily doped P+ region.Body region is the N type region.

In the p channel material current is flow due to the Positive Holes that's why that material is also called as the P type material.

P type material is composite of the P+ donor material.

Now if we apply negative supply then electron is present in the oxide layer which experience a repulsive force and electron are pushed in downward in to the body region.

and here depletion region is populated by the positive atoms which is due to the donor atoms.

Due to this negative voltage apply is also attracts the holes from the P+ source and drain material.

Now due to this apply voltage between source and drain current is flow.

It has two mode of operation 

1) enhancement Mode

2) depletion Mode

For this shown in below diagram for detail information

2) N Channel MOSFET

Mosfet material which having the N-type of region in between source and drain is known as the N- channel MOSFET.

N-MOSFET is four terminal device.they are like Gate , drain , Source and Body.

Here some of is exact opposite from the P channel MOSFET.

Here Drain and Source region is heavily Doped N+ region.

Body is the P Type of doping.Here current is flow due to the Negatively charge electrons,and that's why this type of MOSFET is called as the N-type MOSFET.

Here when we apply the Positive gate voltage then the Holes is also present in the oxide layer so repulsive force are create.

So holes are pushes in to the downwards.

Gue to This positive gate voltage Also attracts the electrons from the  N+ source and electrons reach channel is formed.

Now we apply voltage between Gate and source terminal of the MOSFET.

Here in the N type of MOSFET Electron concentration is prefered over the P type of material.

In N type of material Mobility of Electrons is much higher then the Mobility of holes in the P type of the MOSFET.

It has two mode of operation 

1) enhancement Mode

2) depletion Mode

For this shown in below diagram for detail information