[Detail Guide ] Basic of electronic switching devices

Electronics switching devices 

electronics switching devices

Today here we talk about the different electronics switching devices.You All know that control any electrical process or any other process we need some of the switching systems.

Here we talk electronics switches which is Solid state and easily control the electrical power.

It is also used in the electronics and electrical engineering which deals with the design, control, computation and integration of nonlinear, time-varying energy-processing electronic systems with fast dynamics.

Many time ago in Electronics device mercury arc valves are used. but today modern time in the electronics switch some of the Diodes , transistor, thyristors are used.

Mostly these type of switch used in the AC/DC converter (rectifier).most of all the these device are used in the electricity transmission and its control process.

You show that in above figure here in electronics curcuit diagram many of Diodes , Capacitor , Inductor , Resistor and other small element is used.

 Now If you ask where the used these type of electronics switches..then ans is not limited for criteria of the application.

Electronics switches are unsed in the consumer electronic devices, e.g. television sets, personal computersbattery chargers, etc.  these are all is commercial but many industrial and other application is also used..

IF you say that which type of switches is used in regular general perpose...then this all name is below..

  • electronic vibration switch
  • electronic level switch
  • electric switchgear
  • electronic switchboard
  • electronic switch
  • electronic float switch
  • electronic pressure switch
  • electronic dimmer switch
  • electronic light switch
  • electronic switching system
  • electronic ignition switch
  • electronic switching devices

Now if we talk about its power range then it is from ten to several hundred of watt.

In industrial drive application we all are know that the electrical motor speed is control by the both method one is use of the mechanical switch and other is used of the electronics swiches.

Simply every people say that what switching action is better for the control action.electronics is far better then that of the mechanical.

in electronics no need of the any mechanical body and also its frictionless process.

Here We talk about the some of the best electronics devices and its some basic informattion

Basic electronics devices


Description : Diode is one switching device.it has some characteristics like Uni-polar, uncontrolled, switching device used in applications such as rectification and circuit directional current control.it is reverse voltage blocking devices.

Ratings : It is a single silicon devices up to 3000 A and 5000 V.

2.Silicon controlled rectifier (SCR)

Description : this is the semiconductor switching devices.which is turn on when the gate pulse is apply.anode is positive with respect to the cathode terminal.Devices is became turn off when the its Anode is became Negative.

Ratings : It is single silicon device up to the 3000 A And 5000 v 


Description : Thyristor is the three terminal devices, in Thyristor include SCRs, GTOs, and MCT.these type of devices mostly gate pulse is responsible for the turn off and turn on condition.When these device is turn off then considered as the reverse voltage blocking devices.

4.GATE Turn off thyristor(GTO)

Description : some of semiconductor switching devices is turn on and off with the apply gate pulse but some time its need more GATE voltage for its turn off process.this turn off voltage is negative from gate to source.For this operation snubber circuit is required for the Turn off process.


Description : Triac is the devices in which pair of the phase controlled thyristors connected in inverse - parallel on the chip.when voltage pulse is present its work as turn on .many similarity in the triac and SCR.both when turn on then device cannot turn off.

6.Bipolar junction transistor (BJT)

Description : BJT is not use for the high power .compare to MOSFET it has more resistive losses.BJT have large base current so it has more losses.it is also unipolar device, so do not block reverse voltage very well.Mostly BJT is not used in the power electronics switching because it has more resistive losses.

Ratings : its has max rating around 1500 V and high current ratings.

7.Power MOSFET

Description : main advantages of Power mosfet as compared to BJT is almost zero gate current.MOSFET is the depletion layer devices.its GATE terminal not contribute any to either drain or source current.Its losses mostly attributed to the registers.its switching times s tens of the nanoseconds to some microseconds.if its losses are increased then its frequencies is also increase.MOSFET device is not Bidirectional devices also they are not reverse voltage blocking.

8.Insulated GATE Bipolar transistors (IGBT)

Description : these devices is has best characteristics then the MOSFET and BJT.its has mutual characteristics of both MOSFET and BJT.It has high GATE impedance like MOSFET devices.it has low GATE current like BJT.it has low power loss of switching action like BJT.

 Ratings : it excess for the 1500 A and switching voltage is up to 3000 V

9.MOS controlled thyristor (MCT)

Description : It is thyristor devices which can became turn ON & OFF by the MOSFET GATE pulse.here use MOS technology in which very little current is flow and very low control power signals is used.In this devices two MOSFET input and Pair of BJT is used in the output stage.Input side of the MOSFET is allow to use in control action during the positive and negative cycles.BJT is used for the Bidirectional control action.

10.integrated  gate commutated thyristor (IGCT)

Description : IGCT is similar devices like GTO.if you need quick switching action then the IGCT is the best.its output resistance is quite low and Don't waste of the power.

Ratings : it is work up to the 5000 V and 5000 A


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